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Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtualization and cloud computing, are arguably the newest buzzwords and the new hype in today’s world of technology. Organizations view the virtualization of their technology infrastructure as the way to go, to create an environment that is manageable, cheap, easy to implement, effective and resource conscious. Cloud computing bring a totally new way of operating to any organization, such that they are able to access services, application, data, and platforms that would otherwise be complex and difficult to achieve without the cloud.


The Training

The virtualization and cloud computing course is aimed at bringing you to terms with this approach, and equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills, to make you able to implement, administer and manage a virtualized environment and/or the cloud.

It will provide essential and practical knowledge, though incorporation of examples, illustrations and videos, to fully drive in the skills as the trainers take you through the course content.

Our qualified staff are fully equipped with materials, experience and are certified to offer the course, and our equipped and


Course Objectives

This course will meet the following fundamental objectives for personnel working in IT Managerial, System Administration and ICT Technical Support roles.

  • Provision of course in-depth technical knowledge of what virtualization is all about, and how to implement

  • Exposing to the practical experience of configuring, administer, and add resources to a virtualized environment

  • The course will also prepare the delegates, to be able to building and operate clouds, be it public, private or hybrid


Course Special Features

  • You will benefit from and encounter expert trainers in this field, and learn from real-world case studies that will help equip you with all you need to know to setup, administer and manage a virtualized environment and/or cloud

  • Course manuals and CD-ROM will be given to you, to help you in the walk-through that the trainers will indulge you in, from time to time. This will come in handy when it comes to the practical aspect of the training

  • Optimum networking opportunities are available through breaks, receptions, and luncheons. You will have the opportunity to talk shop with information technology professionals and you will return to the office with new ideas and fresh contacts.