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    The demand for solutions is increasing,We need to INNOVATE!

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Educational Institutions all across the world strive to improve service delivery and seek out ways and means of making their practices more responsive to the needs of their students, teachers, administrators, parents and other stakeholders. This trend has led educational practitioners to adopt Information and Communication Technologies as a means of streamlining their operations, increasing their outreach and improving on service delivery.


Futuristic has a number of solutions for the Education Sector. These include:

  • Futuristic School Management System: A school management system for primary school,secondary schools and tertiary educational institutions.
  • Thin client educational technology for school labs
  • Educational Content 
  • Virtual Learning Environments & Simulations

Our Futuristic School Management System is a School Management Information System that is optimized for any Educational Institutions. The Chat below illustrates our School Management Information System (SMIS) process flow.

FSMS Process Flow

Futuristic SMIS provides an open, modular and integrated platform for managing all the operations in your School. It implements the following functionality:

  • Student Registration
  • Enrollment and Automated Rollover
  • Timetabling for both students, teachers and study rooms
  • Attendance Management
  • Fees Management including statements, receipting and debtors management
  • Examination and Grading

The Futuristic SMIS offers powerful reporting capability with the capability to customize and build additional reports. The following reports come standard with the Futuristic SMIS system:

  • End of term, final grade enrollment reports
  • Competency profile with score for each subject/unit
  • Continuous assessment test and assignment results
  • Fees payment and Debtors report
  • Attendance reports for both students and teachers.
  • Admission reports
  • Timetable reports and attendance reports

The Futuristic SMIS suite is a comprehensive and scalable solution for Educational Institutions of all sizes ranging from small, mid-range, large, multi-locational, multi-specialty tertiary educational institutions. Futuristic SMIS system will offer the following benefits:

  • An integrated and scalable application with capability to scale to large numbers of users across your Educational Institution. This is further enhanced by the use of its web based accessibility functionality across any standard browser.
  • A feature rich application with integrated modules for student registration, attendance management, enrollment, fees management, grading and examination.
  • Futuristic SMIS does not require costly hardware platform to run and will effectively support up to 15 networked computers if installed on a standard PC PIV Server.
  • A modular system that can be acquired in modules depending on the needs of your institution.


Futuristic Thin Client multi-user technology enables greatly expanded computing capabilities by allowing up to 7 or 30* users to simultaneously access a single PC. This multi-user desktop experience supports simultaneous users at lower costs in an easy to use,well set-up and an eco-friendly environment. The result is a significantly lower cost of computing, on-going management and power usage that is many times better than a traditional networked PC model.
Our virtual desktops let you quadruple access without increasing your budget. That’s because today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the computer's capacity. Futuristic’s low-cost virtualization software and hardware tap the unused capacity to enable the simultaneous access of the PC by multiple users


Futuristic Ltd has:

  • Developed digital educational content for upper primary and secondary schools on various subjects including mathematics, science, biology, chemistry, business studies, physics and English language
  • Participated in various regional projects on content development e.g The ORELT Project, The AgShare Project , Open Schools Initiative and the PHEA ETI Project
  • Worked with various regional organisations to develop educational teaching and learning materials e.g RUFORUM and RETRIDAL

For a demonstration of our educational content products, do not hesitate to contact us or book a call from us.

Futuristic will assist you in establishing virtual learning management systems/learning management systems, content streaming services, library management information systems and developing simulations and animations for your teaching and learning materials.

For more information on any of our ICT solutions for the Education sector, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or book a call with us.