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    The demand for solutions is increasing,We need to INNOVATE!

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Organisations all across the world strive to improve service delivery and seek out ways and means of making their Organisations more responsive to the needs of their Customers and Management partners. This trend has led organisations to resort to IT to streamline their operations.

Futuristic Customer Relationship Management Solution - Insight 2.0, is used by customer care agents  in Organisations to create, assign and manage requests made by customers.

The system:

  1. Captures contacts and communication details between a customer care agent  and a customer. It captures communication on cases reported and details of how an issue was resolved or what kind of advice was provided providing a historical view of cases reported . It  also captures subsequent follow up activities (if any);
  2. Provide historical information of contacts that seek services in the organization. Thus ensuring better service delivery;
  3. Facilitate the exchange of information between  remote advisers and other internal departments; and
  4. Generate relevant reports and dashboards as required by the organisation

Achievements of the System

  1. Improve Customer Service by providing customer history for agent’s use, harness information when similar requests are made in the future and automate follow-up task management;
  2. Guarantee improved productivity through integration with existing email, telephony and SMS systems in use by the organisation;
  3. Improved reporting with appropriate reports on productivity, aging, outreach etc available through the system


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