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ICT Strategic Planning is a key speciality for us. We will work together with you to develop a comprehensive strategic plan in a series of 5 steps:

  1. Current State Assessment: Carry out a Current State Analysis on the ICT Infrastructure, profile existing ICT applications, systems, networks, human resources and processes with the objective of obtaining a detailed understanding of our client's business processes in order to develop an ICT plan that is Business Driven and which is geared to meeting the business objectives of our clients
  2. Map out the current vision to a future vision geared towards establishing a supporting ICT environment that can enhance efficiency in service delivery and productivity. This will require benchmarking with global best practices providing the continuous, systematic search for, and implementation of, best practices which lead to superior performance;
  3. Develop a plan that will determine the approach to be taken to achieve the future vision. This plan will define clearly the interplay of the three dynamics: People (competencies and interests), processes (people and responsibilities), technology (applications, networks, operating system platforms, collaboration platforms), necessary in the effective management of the ICT function;
  4. Quantify the financial impact that the implementation of the plan will have to our client outlining the resources, costs, financial returns, timing and deployment strategy for the ICT plan; and
  5. Deliver the ICT Strategic plan as a comprehensive document acceptable to the management of our client and its stakeholders.

For a proposal on how we can assist you on how to plan effectively for your ICT function, do get in touch with us through our Contact Us or by booking a call from us.