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Planning for the business continuity of an organization in the aftermath of a disaster or business disruption is a complex task. Preparation for, response to, and recovery from a disaster affecting the operations of an organization requires the cooperative efforts of all. In developing an effective BCP/DRP, we seek to achieve the following:

  1. Outline action that needs to be taken before, after and during a disaster considering the technology, organizational processes and the people;
  2. Define relevant technology architecture that our clients may use to mitigate on the effects of a possible disruption or disaster; and
  3. Provide for the relevant organizational architecture and operational processes that will be required to achieve our client's business recovery objectives as developed in the BCP/DRP Recovery Processes.

The developed plan generally:

  1. Identifies relevant threats that face our client as noted in the Business Impact Analysis process. It will also identify appropriate mitigating actions that will be implemented to curtail the potential impact of the threat identified;
  2. Outlines relevant procedures to manage a Business Disruption or recover from a Disaster. It will detail relevant processes to recognize and identify a potential event that can be proclaimed a disaster or a Business Disruption; and
  3. Identify various roles and responsibilities of individuals and groups of people that will participate in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Activities.

For enquiries on how you can better prepare your organisation for business disruptions or disasters do contact us through our Contact Us or by booking a call from us.