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Attack and Penetration Testing

We perform not only information systems audits but also technical information systems reviews including Attack and Penetration Testing.Our attack and penetration methodology involves:

  1. Carrying out attempts to penetrate your WAN,LAN as both an external and an internal intruder utilising tools and techniques that would most likely be employed by a system and network hacker
  2. Identifying the vulnerabilities and security holes within the network and suggest improvement areas. When required we will be able to implement the suggested improvement areas separate from the scope of this project.
  3. Review selected mission critical network systems for their security configuration and suggest improvement areas.

Our team of ethical hackers and security experts use the latest research findings and feedback from developer communities to test the security of information systems. With a 95 percent success rate in intrusion testing, Futuristic provides a benchmark in the security solutions market.

For any enquiry on our attack and penetration testing, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our Contact Us or by booking a call from us.