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eLearning Strategic Planning Services

An effective e-Learning implementation must focus on achieving an overall integration with the way teaching and learning is carried out at an institution. It must become part and parcel of the institution's culture thus transforming it into a value brand and distinguishing the institution from others; in-turn it guarantees sustainability through independence in financing plus sustainable revenue generation. A properly implemented e-Learning project must make business sense to the organisation and must become an integral part of how the organisation works. This will only be possible with the implementation of a well thought out strategic plan, coupled with the allocation of appropriate resources and unwavering supervision to align the e-Learning function to the objectives and strategic outputs of the organisation. If this is not carried out then the e-learning project implementation will become a costly venture that may or may not meet any value or revenue addition strategic objectives.

Most organizations certainly recognize the potential and opportunities that e-Learning presents. The work is cut out when the institution desires to create a vibrant, exciting, revenue generating and value adding e-Learning program. An effective e-Learning project will lead to desired changes.

The chat below summarises the critical pillars that we examine in the development of an eLearning strategy:

We understand that the eLearning action plan should address the interplay of three major dynamics, namely:

  1. People competencies and interests;
  2. Processes that the people are responsible for and especially the management effort and support to ICT function demonstrated in the establishment of appropriate organizational structures with sufficient budget allocations; and
  3. The Technology platform that should be aligned to the strategic business objectives of the organisation.

These dynamics provide a good framework for addressing the requirements of any institution.

For a detailed discussion and proposal on how we can help your organisation to plan more effectively for your eLearning project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our Contact Us or by booking a call from us.